Activities and Connection

We offer activities and outings for women
and couples

We plan Walks, Hikes, Snowshoeing, Camping, and more outdoor fun year-round.

Outdoor Activities

Our Get-Aways and Retreats are seasonal to enjoy the area we are exploring or a topic of interest or spiritual growth.

Nights Out for Couples

Our spouses and significant others are interacting as they get to know one another. We serve together in our communities through non-profit and organizations we believe in and support with our time and finances.

Movement Matters

Katy is involved in providing specialized activities for friends and family members with dementia and other physical limitations. She works with local PT/OT/and ST Therapist.

We offer two regular newsletters:

Walking with Women is our Activity-focused Connection 

HOPE through the Season of Caring is our Respite and Activity Care Connection. 

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